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This place is amazing. So nice to have another option in Creston with a totally different flavour. We loved the food and the decor!

Small Town. Great Food


Memories of India Cuisine is more than a memory! This is delicious authentic Indian cuisine. With just their first or second week open, it is worth a phone call to order. I expect this to be in high demand in their future spot. We had Lamb Curry- excellent, Chicken Tikka- excellent but portions could have been larger, Butter Chicken-excellent, Bartha- eggplant- very good, roasted over a gas flame, I'm sure Samosas-Exquisite! Not greasy. Rice- excellent and Flavourful. Naan or Roti- very good (only because my Mom is the queen of making Roti). Biggggest request- make Aloo Paratha available for supper time. I look forward to returning to visiting Creston and visiting the restaurant.

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Soooo yummy!! We've eaten the take out quite a few times now, tried several dishes and have not been disappointed yet! Very delicious, highly recommend eating here!

Yummy Food for Lunch Buffet and dinner!


We've been for supper and I was impressed but only tried 2 dishes. Today I went for the lunch buffet ... OMG so glad we did! Tried everything they had out and it was all so amazing. I grew up in Abbotsford, where authentic Indian cuisine was a visit to a friends house away! I grew up on home cooked East Indian foods and this is as close as you'll get without having to help clean up after! I recommend it to anyone who loves Indian or wants to try something new!

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